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About MBW

Our Mission

“To create an actionable way to support Black Lives in our city.”

When & Where

November 26, 2021


About The Event

We are excited to announce the second event celebrating Mobile Black Wall Street. It is an outdoor food, music, apparel and street festival.

“The idea behind Mobile Black Wall Street is to create an actionable way to support Black Lives in our city,” says Lee Watkins, the festival chairperson, and founder of Keep the Money in the Melanin. Watkins is inviting local black-owned vendors to showcase their work in an effort to “diversify our local economy by amplifying the support for black and minority businesses,” says Watkins.

This year also marks the 100th year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Riot, where a thriving black business district known as Black Wall Street, was destroyed by mobs leaving hundreds dead and thousands of black lives displaced.  “The black entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and stronger than ever, and we intend to kindle that spirit and accelerate its growth with Mobile Black Wall Street,” says Watkins.

The festival is a way to honor the past and shine a light towards a brighter future,” says Marvin Abrinica, Esoteric’s founder and festival co-chair.

The Black Wall Street festival will feature craft beer, a street fair, kids activities, and live entertainment brought in by the Cincinnati Music Accelerator. “People are so eager to hear live music right now, and we’re excited to bring top artists from Cincinnati,“ says music producer, Kick Lee, head of the Cincinnati Music Accelerator, which has also launched a Walnut Hills Summer Concert Series at Esoteric Brewing. “Our mission is to build a music city right here in Cincinnati, and we do that by helping artists create a livelihood with their craft.” Lee has over 150 artists he’s worked with to-date.

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